In Tech We Trust Podcast

Our badass logo

October 10, 2014

Here's a fairly high-def copy of our podcast logo (Thanks to Peter Maurice-Jones)

So the basic idea behind the logo is a rip-off of the Great Seal of the United States, but with a technology angle.  So we've got - 
  • Wi-Fi above the eagle's head
  • ./ representing "current directory" in Unix
  • The eagle eating the Apple logo
  • The eagles right wing representing "cloud services"
  • The eagles left wing being a mobile signal strength bar
  • A firewall on the eagles breastplate
  • An Android mobile device in the eagles right talon 
  • A cat5/6/7/8 and an FC cable in the eagles left talon
  • A tiered storage model as the eagles tail
  • Oh and an Apple wearable device on the eagles left leg
  • And a bit of a stretch with this one.... but the overlapping feathers on the eagles legs could be said to represent magnetic hard drives that use shingled recording techniques ;-)
We did have other ideas too, but some of them didn't look so great. Overall though, we think it's pretty damn amazing!

Some older design sketches -

The original pencil drawing.

The master pencil drawing with color that the final image was based on (plus some changes)