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About the Hosts

July 12, 2016
Gabriel Chapman

Blogger, Podcaster, Bacon Lover, and Social Media Junky: Gabriel was a long time end user who joined the "Dark Side" of the Vendor community. Today he can be found working on next generation data center technologies at Cisco Systems. A self styled Lorne Michaels of late night tech banter, you can find him most Saturday Nights hosting #SNLDD: Saturday Night Live Deep Dive. Stalk him on Twitter: @Bacon_Is_King Read his ramblings at 

Lauren Malhoit

Lauren has been in the IT industry for over a dozen years as a customer, channel partner, and now vendor. Her site which started out as a podcast and is now a repository for blogs and presentations can be found at has been an author of two books: VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials and Operating Application Centric Infrastructure. Lauren also writes articles for and in the past has written for TechRepublic,, and several other sites. She’s currently in Technical Marketing for Cisco focusing on Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Nexus 9000.

Marc Farley

Marc Farley is a storage guy who has written books about it, been on numerous podcasts and has produced scads of videos on the topic while working for himself and various companies as a result of personal choice and corporate acquisitions. He is now working at Quaddra Software (personal choice), a Silicon Valley startup developing file analytics technology. Marc can be found on Twitter @GoFarley

Nigel Poulton

Nigel is a self-confessed tech addict who should probably be at an addiction recovery group for tech addicts. He creates the best IT training videos in the world for Pluralsight (those are his words) and used to ride a bike and run in his spare time.... now he edits this podcast! He lives on Twitter @nigelpoulton and he blogs at

Rick Vanover

Rick Vanover (vExpert, Cisco Champion) is a product strategy specialist at Veeam. Rick specializes in data protection, virtualization and pointing fingers at storage. Follow Rick on Twitter @RickVanover.

Yadin Porter de Leó

Yadin, a self-described podcast addict and home brewer, has spent the last decade in the technology and services field, working with local and global firms focusing on the complex service and technology product needs of companies within today’s homogeneous landscape. At Druva, Yadin works with their most critical accounts as the Principal Engagement Manager for the US Western and Asia Pacific regions and takes care of key stakeholders as a part of the Professional Services team. Yadin also sits on the board of Outburst Mobile where he advises the leadership on everything from their sales and marketing strategy to operations.


BTW: We know that the int main() in the website banner returns a string rather than an integer. Meh!