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008: Here be Open Clouds

November 8, 2014

This week we had to trust on one single host. Hans took the honours of being the last one standing but brought us two great guests – Melissa Palmer & Caroline McCrory -  to discuss Openstack and more specifically the current status knowing that it was OpenStack Summit in Paris this week.


  • Good to see the momentum though no(t enough) European companies
  • If I’m not into OpenStack today, am I late to the party?
  • Consolidation in the Openstack space?
  • I don’t want 800 versions of NOVA for compute.
  • How will a customer find the tree in the forest?
  • Which Enterprises can afford to do major upgrades every 6 months?
  • Should customers be the first to enter new features from the business rather than the technology?
  • How can I contribute? I’m just an author/blogger.

Merger and Acquisitions:

1) Samsung is acquiring ProximalData. Most SSD manufacturers now own a server side performance enhancement technology. Does it makes sense for a flash manufacturer to wanting to sell the caching software?

2) Riverbed is forking out their SteelStore product line (fka WhiteWater) to NetApp who officially want to bring it to market by Q3-2015.



Caroline McCrory – twitter - GigaOm

Melissa Palmer – twitterblogVirtual Design Master Challenge - 

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