In Tech We Trust Podcast

028: Data Lakes and Home Brew Hypervisors

March 26, 2015
On this weeks podcast, Marc and Nigel are joined by Lauren Malhoit from the "Size Matters" podcast. 

Topics covered include:

Catch up from Previous week

How much will VMware be hurting following the cancellation of the RFP from the US Defence Information Security Agency that looked like it was gonna be 1.6BN over 5 years! [Link

This Week's Tech News

The EMC Federation announces the Federation Business Data Lake (FBDL). A SW+HW offering wrapped in services that's all about helping customers get value out of their "Big Data". Generally speaking we think this is yet more evidence of an exciting and evolving EMC. [Link]   

Would a Nutanix hypervisor be a game changer. It would certainly allow for higher margins as well as potentially differentiate Nutanix from the competition. [Link]  

Joyent seem to be differentiating with their announcmeent of Triton - native containers in the cloud. And all apparently thanks to the use of a custom (open source) OS called SmartOS.  [Link]  

Are Huawei hamstrung in US and western market due to the fact they are Chinese?

Bizz News

New backup and recovery startup Rubrick are promising to end the supposed 10 year drought of innovation in the backup space. [Link]  

Brian Pawlowski - Mr Flashray - quits NetApp for Pure Storage. Is NetApp in a mess.... and are Pure up to something that we don't know about! [Link]