In Tech We Trust Podcast

071: Is Walmart Labs the new Bell Labs

January 31, 2016

Marc is at the helm on this weeks episode, with Rick and Lauren keeping him real.

On the agenda:
@ Intros and medical technology
@04:00 VMware's woes - cutting jobs and products
@11:40 Rick will take $100 bucks on the Dell + EMC deal falling through 
@14:00 VSAN and NSX are still positive for VMware
@16:55 RIP dotCloud... but thanks for giving us Docker 
@19:15 It's not looking good for Coho Data
@23:05 Tech Preview of Azure Stack hits the streets. Is this bad news for OpenStack
@28:20 Microsoft raises the floor for Enterprise Agreements (EAs)
@35:00 Is Walmat Labs the new Bell Labs
@41:10 Book review: The Idea Factory:Bell Labs and the great age of American innovation. Thanks and props to Claude Shannon