In Tech We Trust Podcast

060: Of Clouds and Containers

November 6, 2015
This week Rick returns from the most gruelling couple of months of his professional career. So it's Rick, Lauren and Nigel talking about Azure, Docker, IBM and Walmart...

@start Intros
@06:30 Agenda and news round-up
@07:15 Microsoft and Red Hat get into bed on the Azure cloud [Link]
@11:50 Some seemingly reliable info on real-world adoption of Docker [Link]
@20:00 IBM acquires Gravitant as a cloud broker for its ever-growing cloud portfolio. Is this a nascent market? [Link]
@32:30 WalmartLabs releases it's in-house-built OneOps cloud portability tool (and more). Rick predicts a Walmart buyout of Amazon in the future :-D [Link]