In Tech We Trust Podcast

058: HP death by a million cuts

October 22, 2015
This week GabrielMarc and Nigel are once again joined by Lauren Malhoit as they disect the troubles at HP.. and it aint pretty!

@start It's Back to the Future Day... at least it was when the show was recorded. What did you do for the occasion?
07:00 News rundown.
08:15 Troubling times at HP. The guys lay it bare.. and it's not great listening if you're an HP'er. Hopefully they can pull through though.
34:30 Western Digital intent to acquire Sandisk for $19BN... but it aint simple.
46:40 Docker acquires Tutum to broaden its own portfolio and increase its appeal.
53:00 VMware's stock is taking a beating - what's the impact on the Dell acquisition?