In Tech We Trust Podcast

055: OpenStack or OpenSham

October 1, 2015
This week Gabriel, Rick and Nigel are joined by special gues Keith Townsend to discuss the state of OpenStack, the upcoming Pure Storage IPO, and why HP took 10 years trying to replace a Mainframe and failed....

@00:00 Intros
@08:00 Tech news roundup
@10:00 Apparently OpenStack has major issues with complexity, scalability, and availability. Not much then!

@22:00 Biz news roundup.
@23:10 All eyes are on Pure Storage as they plan to IPO next week.
@30:20 Are the days of architectures like the Symmetrix that will last for 20 years gone?
@37:45 10 years trying to replace a 1960's Mainframe....and... failed.