In Tech We Trust Podcast

054: Live from TECH.UNPLUGGED

September 25, 2015

This week Marc and Nigel record the show live from TECH.UNPLUGGED Amsterdam. On the show they're joined by Enrico Sgnoretti, Chris Mellor, Howard Marks, and a secret special guest....

Topics of conversation this week include:
@00:00 The AWS mega outage.... hope nobody needed to watch Netflix over the weekend!http:
@11:00 It's patent war time in the hyperconverged world... with Simplivity spending their cash dragging Springpath through the courts
@17:00 Nexenta whips VSAN and Nutanix on the storage front... but who wouldn't with shiny STEC Zeus RAM caching device on the front!?
@21:30 NVMe fabrics again.... some of our guests seem to think they're viable as the high-speed storage interconnect of the future