In Tech We Trust Podcast

053: DevOps is coming!

September 17, 2015
This week it's MarcGabriel and Nigel cutting through the important tech news and views of the week.

And can you believe it....... we've been doing the podcast for more than a year!  Woot!

@04:30 Marc gives us the low down on the recent Teh Reckoning 2015 tech careers show 
@13:00 EMC announces a pre-validated SDS config based on SCaleIO..... Is ScaleIO the bastard brother of VSAN?
@18:35 Give us a shout if you've got any numbers or stories about real world production deployments of NSX and VSAN
@19:50 HP to cull another 30,000 jobs when they finally split the company in two
@24:50 QLogic laying more staff off....  
@29:50 Chef lands $40M in 6th round of funding to take them to 136M. DevOps is real!
@35:50 Marc lowers the tone of his neighbourhood with mounds out dirt on the front lawn