In Tech We Trust Podcast

046: Getting Savage On Tech

July 30, 2015

In this weeks show GabrielRick, and Nigel are joined by special guest Ken Hui from Platform9.


In the intros we catch up with Ken and what he's doing at Platform9 and pick his brains on the current state of affairs with OpenStack and the recent Kubernetes news.

Tech News

@25:34  Tech news roundup
@26:47  Datrium comes out of stealth, announcing itself as a "new dominant player" in the data storage world [Link]
@29:00  Will Intel & Microns joint effort on 3D XPoint Memory change the storage world forever? [Link]
@37:00  Oh dear.... the crew rip into SavageIO and their OTT marketing [Link]

Biz News

@44:45  Biz news roundup
@46:00  AWS numbers look good.... but can AWS be dominant without a private/hybrid play? [Link]
One last thing.... check out this baby from SavageIO -