In Tech We Trust Podcast

044: Google gets Windows

July 16, 2015

In this weeks episode GabrielMarcRick, and Nigel are joined by former VMware Uber-Evangelista John Troyer!  In the intros they talk to John about what he's currently doing on the work front, including his upcoming event The Reckoning 2015...

Tech News

@07:26  Google finally adds Windows to the list of supported operating systems running on Google Cloud Platform!
@24:00  Rackspace gets into bed with Microsoft as it moves more and more into the managed cloud space

Biz News

Rumours abound that some Chinese company wants to make a cheeky bid US-based Micron
@39:50  XIO goes on an executive hiring spree
@30:00  Scale Computing nets $18M in its 7th round of funding, taking its total funding over $60M
Delphix (data archiving and analytics as a service) lands $75M in its 4th round of funding taking its total funding to $120M
And if you wanna see the Microsoft videos making fun of Google... check these out