In Tech We Trust Podcast

031: Sexy Backup with VEEAM

April 16, 2015
In this weeks episode, RickMarcGabriel and Nigel talk about all of the following, plus more!

Tech News

AWS announces Elastic File System - SSD backed, scalable, durable NFSv4 network storage for EC2 instances. Is this bad news for NetApp!  Also on the topic of NetApp.... check out Robin Harris's article on how doomed NetApp are... unless you're a NetApp fanboy...  

How are the public and private cloud wars going 

Back in the day.... this was Google's entire infrastructure


What are Coho Data up to with containers and storage 

HP are absolutely in the public cloud business, just...... not competing with the likes of AWS :-S 

VEEAM kick the hornet's nest in attempts to take over the backup world 

Biz News

Docker nets $96M of Series D funding that apparently they don't even need