In Tech We Trust Podcast

022: We are Hyper in over four dimensions!

February 12, 2015
In our introductions we have 2 practical things to share:
  • Our friends at GigaOM ask our listeners if they want to take a couple of minutes to fill in their Experience with Cloud and Containers survey.
  • Nigel and Hans will both spend a couple of days in London for TECH.UNPLUGGED on April 22nd, following with VMUG London on the 23rd. Needless to say there will be a podcast recording at some point ;-)

Updates on vMageddon 6.0

  • After their ‘biggest’ launch ever, there were probably hundreds of blogposts and tweets givens the new speeds and feeds of vSphere 6. Apparently there have been issues with false information or better said; things VMware changed between the last beta their bloggers got and current RC version. So they had to set the record straight on false information
  • So VSAN 6.0 is part of vSphere 6.0. So VSAN now has support for all-flash. So they charge you 60% uplift for that !?! There is no way we can hide our disagreement on this rip-off.
  • Some people in our industry have second thoughts on the value of VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) as it requires both NSX for a full deployment and at least a 50 socket deployment to get support. Blogpost from Maish Saidel-Keesing is worth reading as well

Things we didn't cover and other HCI news

  • EMC released VSPEX:Blue last week, which is their version of an EVO-RAIL. The crew specifically likes that EMC has put enough effort in making sure there is added value on top of what is the same box for al other vendors. Well played EMC!
  • And on a related note,HP releases their EVO-RAIL called ConvergedSystem 200-HC EVO:RAIL and does exactly the opposite; no added value at all. If you don’t really really have to buy from HP, why would you? They at least are not going to give you a reason for it. Maybe because they still want to push the Lefthand VSA version?
Gabriel manages to get Hans sidetracked on a feisty rant about the true definitions of HyperConvergence. In the end this was absolutely a great discussion!

Containers & Snapshots

  • Although we disagree that the new snapshot technology VMware would be introducing is technically to be compared to containers, it would probably be closing the same business gap where containers are currently used for. Definitely worth keeping an eye on this.
  • In other container news, Docker released version 1.5 which adds read-only support for containers and full IPv6 support. I know there we a couple of people waiting for that to happen someday soon. 
Sidenote: Hans mentions this book by Edward Horley if you want to dip your tows in the basics of IPv6.

Big Data news

  • So far it’s still all rumours but some things would be changing at Pivotal with their Big Data / Hadoop distro. 
  • Hitachi Data Systems to acquire Pentaho for over half a billion US dollar. Is HDS planning on a heist of IBM’s target market here?

Sad Trombones in storage land

  • David Scott, the former CEO of 3PAR is leaving HP to go on his retirement. The whole crew likes to show their gratitude to the accomplishments of this great man in storageland. We sure hope to see more of him as an advisor to newbies in the industry.
  • The saddest trombone is for the passing of Lee Johns (@storageologist). Lee was a beloved man in our community and will definitely be missed. To show our respect we will end the show with a minute of silence instead of our weekly shenanigans. Our thoughts are with Ann and the rest of the family. 
Good night Lee!