In Tech We Trust Podcast

014: The Stuff of Stuff

December 18, 2014
Never mind the Internet of Things..... we've got The Stuff of Stuff!

Anyway...... this weeks episode sees RickGabriel and Nigel come together to discuss everything important that's happening in the world of enterprise infrastructure.

First up, we get Gabriel and Ricks views on the NetApp + EVO: RAIL thing. It seems that file services is where its at for the Frankenstorage combo. Wonder what'll happen if VSAN comes to market with native file services though?

Rick highlights a controversial article written by Greg Ferro, in which Greg calls into question the reliability of VSAN. The crux of the matter seems to be the use of L2 multicast traffic for node-to-node comms. Full article here.

The discussion then moves on to Western Digital's mopping up of the IP left lying on the floor at floundering Skyera. It seems Skyera have several interesting and low-level solid state related patents - motherboard design for huge flash density etc...

Mesosphere and the whole notion of a Data Center OS is next on the agenda.  We LOVE the idea of a Data Center OS, and we applaud the guys driving this next gen OS architecture forward. But we wonder if it's still a ways off for regular enterprises.

2015 Predictions

And as it's approaching the end of the year, we throw out some predictions for 2015

Rick thinks 2015 will be the year of hyperconvergence. He thinks the winners and losers in this market will be decided quicker than in the flash storage market.  He also thinks it'll be a big year for VMware VSAN.

Gabriel thinks we'll see at least one, may be two, IPOs in the hyperconverged space.  He also thinks we should keep an eye on Stratoscale and others in the software-only hyperconverged space.

Marc - via email - thinks 2015 will be the year of beer.  And he's certainly positioning himself well to take advantage if that does happen. While everyone else is looking at microservices, Marc is looking at microbreweries! Marc also thinks Microsoft will exit the phone business in 2015.

Nigel thinks 2015 will be the year of containers and mass public cloud adoption. On the container front he sees Docker and CoreOS keeping each other on their toes. And on the cloud front he sees public cloud adoption kicking on another level in the enterprise, leaving OpenStack a long way behind. Though he's keeping his fingers crossed it'll be a good year for OpenStack too.


And the show closes out with a parody interview with Captain Dogger, as he fails to containerize Santa Claus but sets off on a new mission to containerize Santa's Elves.