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013: Is NetApp Making EVO: RAIL Look Like a Pig

December 11, 2014
Episode 13..... unlucky for some!

This weeks sees Hans and Nigel reviewing the previous week in enterprise tech. Gabriel joins briefly, but bombs out due to comms issues - guess he's using legacy old Nortel kit!

Nigel starts the show by talking about the 3PAR news from the recent HP Discover event. As always, plenty of stuff happening with the 3PAR platform, but Nigel seems concerned the codebase will bloat and the platform will end us as a lumbering jack of all trades, but master of none.

We then pivot to talk a bit more about Kaminario. First of all, we have apology to make following comments in last weeks show where we claimed certain comments from Kaminario were from a press release, when in actuality the comments were from interviews with the press. Nigel then waxes lyrical about what a cool product the Kaminario K2 is.  Citing experience from a previous POC and working closely with Kaminario engineering. But then the guys bemoan Kaminarios lack of top-notch marketing - could this be yet another great technology that fails due to marketing that's not equal to engineering!?!?!

Next on the agenda is the recent IDC numbers for all-flash revenues and shipped capacity. As things stand, the numbers look strange.... either IBM is giving the stuff away for dirt cheap, or EMC are over-charging. Or both!

Then we chime in on the recent NetApp + EVO: RAIL announcement. 
It's kinda old news now, but we didn't get to discuss it much on last weeks episode, so we cover it this week.  The skinny....... we've not got anything good to say about it. Shame! We did mention something about Howard Marks, writing a good article on the prices of EVO:RAIL.

Then we cover the recent news that Cisco appear to be doing what all incumbents do when they start bleeding customers and revenue to smaller rivals..... they sue them! And while suing your smaller competition is usually compliment and validation that they actually are serious competition... could this potentially side-track Arista for a while.

Next up is DataGravity - sinking an additional $50M in c-round funding. Is $92M a lot for a small startup with relatively small customer base and a very new product? And how does somebody like DataGravity compare to somebody like Primary Data?

And speaking of Primary Data....... Are those guys on to something huge? Or is it all hype and no product? We can't seem to decide due to the awesome complexity of their message (and potential lack of detail)..... Who knows?  Hans mentioned an article by legendary blogger Enrico Signoreti that might be worth a read.

And Nigel wraps the show up by purring over a film he watched recently - holding it up as the best film he's watched all year!

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