In Tech We Trust Podcast

011: Archiving Fiber Channel connections to a Titsup Cloud

November 27, 2014

This week Hans is joined by Marc and Gabriel. We almost had the Rickatron back but he got pulled away at the very last moment. In the mean time Nigel is in the Middle-East, negotiating his billion dollar investments in containerships.

After an entertaining introduction about brewing Hoppy Beers (not that horrible IPA stuff!) we had a general conversation on Archiving. Gartner released their Enterprise Information Archiving magic quadrant where according to Marc no member should be in the leaders-quadrant.
Further discussed in this show:
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage going titsup ... again (link).
  • Primary Data comes out of stealth. And the biggest news is The Woz joining the team.
  • NimbleStorage is pulling Fiber Channel to WallStreet.
  • Mellanox adding 100,000 GB Infiniband to connect active/active arrays across the ocean.
If you would like to know what the real uptimes of public clouds are, we found this website where you can pull and compare all that data.