In Tech We Trust Podcast

009: Startups vs Big Companies

November 13, 2014
In this weeks episode, GabrielHans, and Nigel round-up what's been doing on in the enterprise tech world in the past week.

Topics of discussion include....
  • David Flynn (formerly of Fusion-io) steps aside as CEO of Primary Data to become CTO. Is this the sign of a true techie? And how much influence on a startup does a CTO have?
  • Who are Stratoscale, and in an increasingly competitive hyperconverged market, what's gonna be their differentiator?
  • Nexenta strikes a win for software defined data centers with their new business with leading global IT service provider Wipro
  • Did you know, at least according to a CloudPhysics study (and we can believe it) ....

26% of space vSphere environments is dead
20% of vSphere admins wish we were back in a physical world (we made that one up ;-)
16% of VMs are unused
25% of Windows VMs will be end of support next year
22% of vSphere 5.5 servers still vulnerable to SSL heartbleed
43% of companies risk downtime every week due to potential out of space conditions on disk
Closely related to these, check out HDL's recent blog post titled vSphere Storage Array Feedback Requested
  • And what's the deal with EMC vs Pure. How can EMC be winning 95% of the time against Pure, but Pure be winning the vast majority of the time against EMC...?
  • Nigel wraps the show up with Geeks Review of Christopher Nolan's recent blockbuster Interstellar 
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