In Tech We Trust Podcast

007: Not So Pure Storage

October 30, 2014
This week Hans and Nigel are on the road in Europe visiting the Powering The Cloud conference in Frankfurt Germany. While there, they stumbled across a couple of shady characters that some listeners might already know...
...and decided to get together and record a show. Now then...... think of this weeks show as In Tech We Trust Unplugged - the audio isn't the best. But the content is great.

Topics discussed on this weeks show (in order)
  • Wigs (don't ask, just check out the link to the pictures)
  • Data Direct Networks (DDN)
  • GPFS vs  Ceph vs OneFS...
  • In a software world.... should EMC decouple OneFS from Isilon
  • VMAX vs VNX
  • Trouble ahead for Dothill?
  • Marketing vs Engineering - bad products that kicked but with good products
  • Pure Storage and rumours of them branching out into the Converged space
  • VCE Vblocks without Cisco UCS
And instead of a Secret Windows Phone App review, we round off the show with a Geeks Film Review.....