In Tech We Trust Podcast

006: Cisco Divorces EMC

October 23, 2014
What an episode we've got this week! We're not sure its possible to cram more enterprise tech into an hour of podcasting!?

In this weeks episode MarcHans, and Nigel talk about all of the following - 

  • IBM goes absolutely fab-u-less by selling off its Power fabrication business. Can we even call it a sale when IBM has to grease the buyers palm to the tune of $1.5BN!
  • The EMC Federation goes from strength to strength, while Cisco quietly walks out of the VCE Family home
  • What's the value of Cisco UCS vs white-box servers
  • VCE Vblock vs Nutanix SimpliVity Maxta....
  • Do the big players need to think about buying SimpliVity or Nutanix
  • Does EMC have a play in the hyperconverged market - could they take EVO:RAIL and package it up?
  • Is lock-in ever worth it?
  • Microsoft partners with Dell to launch Azure private-cloud-in-a-box (Cloud Platform System)
  • What's going on with StorSimple since the MS acquisition
  • Are HP starving LeftHand (StoreVirtual)
  • Hans can't believe that XtremoIO is doing $500M

Plus another hilarious Secret Windows Phone App!