112: Too Many Asses in the Cloud

November 28, 2016

This week Rick and Marc cover all the enterprise tech news:

  • Brexploitation
  • Marc rolls back to Windows 7
  • Oracle acquires Dyn
  • Wikibon's Captain Obvious predictions
  • Cloud market leadership
  • How legit is Bitcoin

Hot or Not.

111: Like a Robot to the Flame

November 18, 2016

Lauren, Marc and Nigel talk about:

  • Activist investors sniffing around HPE
  • Lynksys network admins
  • Forward Networks network modelling 
  • The rats nest that is Azure hybrid cloud

And a hilarious Hot or Not about technology-infused super-moths.

110: Cloud Whores

November 11, 2016

This week Lauren, Marc, Yadin, and Nigel take discuss:

  • The latest publicized XtremIO outage
  • Microsoft embracing S3 storage with startup NooBaa
  • Azure Container Service now supporting Kubernetes

Hot or Not: USB condoms!

109: Yammer the sh*t out of this

November 9, 2016

Lauren, Yadin and Marc bring you the highlights of enterprise tech news for the week.

108: The Cloud Finger

November 1, 2016

Rick, Marc and Lauren bring you the top news from the previous week in enterprise tech.