In Tech We Trust Podcast
The Oracle Dark Horse Cloud

The Oracle Dark Horse Cloud

June 22, 2016

This Marc hosts the show along with Rick and Yadin. On the card for this episode:

  • Nutanix .NEXT
  • A bit of Docker and DockerCon
  • China builds world's fastest supercomputer
  • Oracle's numbers
  • Dell sells software business
  • City mayors struggling with Uber...
  • Tough acquisition prospects for startups
  • Twitter investing in SoundCloud
DockerCon Day 2

DockerCon Day 2

June 22, 2016

Nigel, Amy Lewis, and Julian Wood discuss the news and hot topics from the final day of DockerCon 2016 in Seattle. And it's all about large enterprises!

DockerCon Day 1

DockerCon Day 1

June 21, 2016

Nigel is joined by Amy Lewis, Chris Evans and Julian Wood to review Day 1 of DockerCon 2016 in Seattle.

Topics include:
  • Thoughts on DockerCon as an event
  • Docker For Mac and Docker for Windows
  • Native clustering a.k.a. Swarm Mode
  • Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure
  • The container ecosystem
090: Dutch Treat

090: Dutch Treat

June 16, 2016

Lauren, Gabriel and Marc discuss the tech news of the week, including:

  • Marc does a quick review of HPE Discover
  • Are Apple about to become an energy company
  • Cisco announces Tetration - analytics for the data center
  • Microsoft buys LinkedIn
  • Symantec buys Blue Coat and hands over keys to new CEO
  • VMware acquires Arkin Net to beef up NSX
  • Cisco invests in Israeli storage startup
089: Fish and Chips

089: Fish and Chips

June 14, 2016

This week Yadin Porter de Leon joins the team as a new co-host. He's gonna be joining the team every week going forward.

On the card for this weeks episode:
  • Oracle Cloud woes
  • Has Microsoft got the magic back
  • Legends walk out on Cisco
  • NetApp does all flash
088: Tubes and Transistors

088: Tubes and Transistors

June 7, 2016

This week Marc, Gabriel and Nigel talk all things from 50+ year old IBM systems still running US nukes, to AWS ingesting data from luggage-case-sized storage boxes. Plus..... the last ever SECRET WINDOWS PHONE APP!!

087: Dell and EMC Disunity

087: Dell and EMC Disunity

June 1, 2016

This week it's all Nigel and Marc talking about Dell storage, HPE selling off its services business to CSC, and Microsoft effectively closing the doors on it's phone business.