086: The New Audio Age

May 23, 2016

This week the team try out a new audio recording platform in an effort to push audio quality through the roof!

Topics this week include:
  • Tintri turns the screw with new features
  • VMware does the dirty with NSX licensing
  • Salesforce data loss discussed
  • Saleforce is looking to ditch Oracle
  • Is Pat on his way out of VMware
  • HPE fumbles the redundancies
Plus Marc reviews a book on GPS, and Lauren asks the question "Is GPS hot or not?"

085: Ransomware and Chinese Clouds

May 17, 2016

This week Marc, Rick, Gabriel, and Nigel cover the following:

@03:44 Salesforce set to run IoT cloud on AWS
@14:35 Docker releases Security Scanning
@19:02 Chinese cloud giant Alicloud sees triple digit revenue growth. Should we trust it and use it?
@26:47 NVMe startup E8 Storage gets cash injection. Will there be a new crop of NVMe based storage startups?

Marc’s EMC Tourettes

May 9, 2016

This weeks it's Marc, Lauren and Nigel rounding up the infrastructure tech news from the week.

@start Good luck to Greg Knieriemen ahead of his pending bionic upgrades, and happy 50th birthday to Chris Evans
@11:00 News roundup
EMC World News Roundup
@15:00 EMC VNX gets another facelift
@25:00 EMC Virtustream Storage Cloud
@32:00 EMC ViPR 3.0

@32:40 Windows Server 2016 catch-up

@39:00 Are PernixData on the lookout for more investment
@45:00 XIO and Pivot3..... a zombie group-hug?
@48:00 Hot or not: Quantum Computing

083: Weekly News Hit

May 2, 2016

This week Rick and Lauren provide your weekly hit of tech news, covering:

  • vCloud Air leadership change
  • Samsung's black box for the car
  • Is ad-blocking ethical?
  • Apple quarterly results aren't awesome
  • Micrsoft has a support program with free services if you are committed to Azure