In Tech We Trust Podcast
082: Internet of Turds

082: Internet of Turds

April 24, 2016

On the agenda this week:

Is the whole IoT thing a unicorn?
Microsoft Azure Container Service goes GA
Is Intel in decline?
IBM's storage business in the mire
VMware are looking for a Director of Open Source
VMware stock buyback

081: A Good Week for OpenStack

081: A Good Week for OpenStack

April 18, 2016

Marc, Rick and Nigel discuss what going on in the enterprise tech world from the last week.

Intros, Marc hates Windows 10, and some vendor feedback...
@13:45 News roundup
@16:00 Native OpenStack backup to the Google Cloud
@20:50 VW chooses Mirantis over RedHat for large OpenStack deployment
@25:40 Zadara and cloud replication and mobility
@30:10 Is the Nutanix IPO on again?
@34:00 Dell EMC stuff
@ 41:30 Hot or Not - The new Tesla Model 3
080: HPE King of the Hybrid Cloud

080: HPE King of the Hybrid Cloud

April 3, 2016

This weeks it's just Lauren and Nigel.

Topics include:
  • HPE apparently the leading supplier of hybrid cloud to the enterprise
  • HPE and Microsoft see Mesosphere DCOS as the potential future
  • Red Hat has it's first $2BN year and the forecast is rosy
  • Doom and gloom continue to hang over the Valley as Fidelity mark a bunch of startups down
  • Hot or not: Podcasts