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075: Clouds and Data Centers

075: Clouds and Data Centers

February 26, 2016

This weeks it's Marc, Lauren and Nigel bringing you the best from the last week of enterprise tech.

@StartSurface Book Initial thoughts and DevOps haircuts
@09:25 Google Project Fi
@12:10 News roundup
@12:40 Oracle buys Ravello
@16:20 Oracle licensing - will this be their ultimate downfall
@21:40 IBM enhances its cloud with deals with Apple, VMware, GitHub and more
@30:45 Docker releases commercial Data Centre project
@33:20 Apple talking up an uncrackable phone
074: Live from Cisco Live

074: Live from Cisco Live

February 18, 2016

This week we're recording live from Cisco Live. With Rick, Lauren and Gabriel.

073: VSAN Kubernetes and Gaming

073: VSAN Kubernetes and Gaming

February 15, 2016
@Start: Intros and travel stories
@11:10 News roundup 
@11:38 More downsizing and more on the current startup funding issues
@18:00 Is VSAN 6.2 the real deal now
@27:20 Is Kubernetes the future of container orchestration
@31:00 Some insight into AWS vs Azure adoption
@39:30 AWS sets isights on the game development industry  
@45:40 Hot or Not: e-gaming 


February 5, 2016

A good mix of topics this week as Marc leads the show with Lauren, Rick and Gabe.