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071: Is Walmart Labs the new Bell Labs

071: Is Walmart Labs the new Bell Labs

January 31, 2016

Marc is at the helm on this weeks episode, with Rick and Lauren keeping him real.

On the agenda:
@ Intros and medical technology
@04:00 VMware's woes - cutting jobs and products
@11:40 Rick will take $100 bucks on the Dell + EMC deal falling through 
@14:00 VSAN and NSX are still positive for VMware
@16:55 RIP dotCloud... but thanks for giving us Docker 
@19:15 It's not looking good for Coho Data
@23:05 Tech Preview of Azure Stack hits the streets. Is this bad news for OpenStack
@28:20 Microsoft raises the floor for Enterprise Agreements (EAs)
@35:00 Is Walmat Labs the new Bell Labs
@41:10 Book review: The Idea Factory:Bell Labs and the great age of American innovation. Thanks and props to Claude Shannon
070: The Sky is Falling

070: The Sky is Falling

January 21, 2016

This week it's all doom and gloom over the tech industry and the economy....

@00:00 Intros
@01:30 News roundup
@06:15 Hortonworks goes back for more money only a year after it just them, or is the big data space struggling as a whole?
@16:00 Puppet Labs takes on a bank loan rather than a 7th round of funding. And is only 15% of stuff being automated?
@21:40 Hats off to Atlassian after their great IPO and superbly run business
@23:50 USA Today suggests VMware tracking stock is worthless, and could Dell be in trouble if the market tanks?
@30:34 Surely the la suit against Nimble is bogus
@37:45 Hitachi Flash Storage A series - a purpose-built AFA from Hitachi
@41:25 Dell Network OS 10
@44:00 Hot or not: DIY blog sites and rebranding companies
069: Machine Forgetting

069: Machine Forgetting

January 18, 2016

This weeks sees a full house plus a special guest.... Melissa Gurney.

On the agenda this week: 
@00:00 Intros
@04:00 News roundup
@05:25 The recent 8GB Windows 10 upgrade
@12:45 Is Microsoft the king of the hybrid cloud
@25:35 What does a female tech ninja look like
@31:10 Diablo gets another round of funding with a new CEO thrown in for free
@35:45 Inside view of EMC during the Elliott pressure
@38:50 Will Citrix still be around in a year from now
@44:50 Is IBM in trouble
@50:00 Will IBM ever be great again
@51:00 Hot or not
@54:30 Movie recommendations
068: Somebody has a new job!

068: Somebody has a new job!

January 8, 2016

Just Gabriel and Marc this week...

@00:00 Cool music and intros
@09:00 Marcs big announcement - devops, jobs for the future....
@27:50 A few book recommendations
@32:20 Congrats to Chad on his new role.... will he end up running Dell?
@35:00 EMC revenue off - HP etc up everyone else down - market share up - revenue down - inverse for hp.
@37:00 - AWS, Azure and Google race to the bottom of cloud storage pricing plus predictions for the coming year
@41:40 - Google paying over the odds for Bebop - nothing to do with her being on the board