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067: Double-nutted

067: Double-nutted

December 30, 2015
This week the conversation is all about NetApp acquiring SolidFire, Nutanix intending to IPO, and Star Wars The Force Awakens.

@00:00 Intros
@04:20 Is NetApp's acquisition of SolidFire a good thing and can it change their fortunes. Plus a perspective from within SolidFire from Gabriel
@26:40 Why is Nutanix intending to IPO without any forecast of being profitable? Will this IPO impact the future of tech startups?
@48:40 Hot or Not: Star Wars The Force Awakens
066: Stickers and Tattoos

066: Stickers and Tattoos

December 17, 2015

Bare metal in the cloud, NetApp bidding for SolidFire and more....

@02:00 We revisit the question over whether or not bare metal in the public cloud is hot or not
@08:00 News Roundup
@10:10 Rumour has it that NetApp are attempting to acquire all-flash startup SoldFire (no comment from Gabriel)
@14:50 According to some AWS has the potential to go from an $8BN business to $38BN in just 4-5 years
@18:30 VMware pull out of VirtuStream joint venture with EMC
@24:20 HP sinks $10M into Scality.... and what's the impact
065: Cloud Fried Chicken

065: Cloud Fried Chicken

December 11, 2015

This week sees the full stack of hosts on the show, talking about everything from clouds and bare metal... through to Obama Fried Chicken.

@06:50 Tech News Roundup
@09:15 Will Google Cloud Platform become the default big data and data analytics platform. Also.... is IBM ahead of Google as the number 3 player in the public cloud space
@18:30 Is now the time for cloud apps to be spread across multiple cloud platforms for better availability
@27:50 EMC Isilon is heading towards a software defined future
@32:40 Cisco ACI beefs up its bare metal game
@35:45 Hot or not
@42:20 Biz News Roundup 
@43:55 Hyperconverged stuff - Are Springpath about to be acquired, and is the Lenovo+Nutanix deal a big deal's the link to the Quartz article Marc mentioned in the show.
064: The converged compost pile

064: The converged compost pile

December 4, 2015

This week it's just Gabriel and Marc.

Topics include:
@00:00 Intros
@04:30 Tech news roundup
@05:00 SSD pricing chinwag @5:00
@06:00 Biz news roundup
@06:30 MS and HPE cozy up on Azure deal.... but who wants the deal the most
@10:40  Object storage space is hotting up.... and  OpenIO has a whapping PB under management!
@18:00 EMC VNX system outage in NZ and sheep reproduction
@20:40 Missed flash drives
@25:10 What's the deal with the HPE Synergy composable infrastructure
@34:50 Is the server hardware market a slow road to hell - this is the link Marc referenced
@41:33 The EMC+Dell deal and Virtustream.... does anybody get it 
@45:50 Balmer doesn't like microsofts new way of reporting earnings
@51:20 Hot or not hot