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063: Cloud Wars

063: Cloud Wars

November 27, 2015
It's war in the clouds and hell if you're backing up VMware! This week the gang are all over the recent VMware CBT backup issue.... and then dive into a cloud war. OpenStack vs AWS, AWS vs Azure, Google makes a key hiring decision for GCP, will Oracle Cloud ever make it... plus more!

@ 00:00 It's Thanksgiving!
@ 06:45 Tech News roundup
@ 07:35The bugs are crawling over the VMware storage stack
@ 25:15 The Gurdian get up on stage as AWS summit and slam OpenStack... as if they'd say anything else at an AWS event!
@ 39:00 Google hires in Dianne  << serious adult supervision
@ 46:00 Oracle cloud  
@ 52:00 Hot or not -
@ 55:50 Business news roundup
@ 56:24 End
062: Meet my new girlfriend she’s called Docker

062: Meet my new girlfriend she’s called Docker

November 19, 2015

The weeks show's a Dockerfest! Nigel returns from Dockercon in Barcelona and can't shut up about it.

Here's the full list of what the guys talk about - 
@00:00 Intros... including a bit of a book review on The Martian by Andy Weir.
@10:45 DockerCon review.
@18:37 The impact of Docker Swarm on the wider Docker ecosystem.
@23:00 The state of play with containers on Windows. hard is it for Microsoft to change as a company?
@39:51 Hot or Not: $150 Lenovo laptop. 
@44:35 News round-up
@45:40 Oracle appears to be fudging its cloud numbers.... but is that a good long-term plan?
061: Docker Straps on Double D

061: Docker Straps on Double D

November 12, 2015
This week the whole team is together and they cover everything worthy of note from the last week in enterprise tech.

@00:00 Intros
@01:50 ++++ Tech news roundup
@02:40 Google revs its Docker offerings, but who does Google Cloud Platform cater to?
@13:00 HDS announces all-flash bullet proof VSP platform - @ ~13:00
@19:30 ++++ Business news roundup
@21:00 Is the Dell + EMC deal on the rocks over potential tax liability?
@26:37 Docker takes a second Series D funding round
@30:15 Rackspace reports some good numbers but doesn't seem to have convinced investors
@37:00 Amazon: today restaurant delivery, tomorrow world domination.

060: Of Clouds and Containers

060: Of Clouds and Containers

November 6, 2015
This week Rick returns from the most gruelling couple of months of his professional career. So it's Rick, Lauren and Nigel talking about Azure, Docker, IBM and Walmart...

@start Intros
@06:30 Agenda and news round-up
@07:15 Microsoft and Red Hat get into bed on the Azure cloud [Link]
@11:50 Some seemingly reliable info on real-world adoption of Docker [Link]
@20:00 IBM acquires Gravitant as a cloud broker for its ever-growing cloud portfolio. Is this a nascent market? [Link]
@32:30 WalmartLabs releases it's in-house-built OneOps cloud portability tool (and more). Rick predicts a Walmart buyout of Amazon in the future :-D [Link]