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046: Getting Savage On Tech

046: Getting Savage On Tech

July 30, 2015

In this weeks show GabrielRick, and Nigel are joined by special guest Ken Hui from Platform9.


In the intros we catch up with Ken and what he's doing at Platform9 and pick his brains on the current state of affairs with OpenStack and the recent Kubernetes news.

Tech News

@25:34  Tech news roundup
@26:47  Datrium comes out of stealth, announcing itself as a "new dominant player" in the data storage world [Link]
@29:00  Will Intel & Microns joint effort on 3D XPoint Memory change the storage world forever? [Link]
@37:00  Oh dear.... the crew rip into SavageIO and their OTT marketing [Link]

Biz News

@44:45  Biz news roundup
@46:00  AWS numbers look good.... but can AWS be dominant without a private/hybrid play? [Link]
One last thing.... check out this baby from SavageIO -
045: All the Cool Technologies

045: All the Cool Technologies

July 24, 2015

This week sees MarcGabriel, and Nigel joined by Lauren Malhoit of Cisco ACI legend!

Tech News

@08:30  Tech News Roundup 
@10:00  VSAN kicks through the 2,000 customer barrier while NSX lags at a mere 700 [Link]
@18:00  State of the SDN world
@23:00  It's looking like Cisco are gonna put a bullet through WhipTail's head [Link]
@32:00  Google joins the OpenStack Foundation and releases version 1.0 of Kubernetes [Link1 Link2]

Biz News

@40:00  Biz News Roundup
@41:00  IBM reports 13 consecutive quarters of declining revenues [Link]
@47:00  SimpliVity (a.k.k Doron Corp.) looks to be heading towards a 2016 IPO [Link]
044: Google gets Windows

044: Google gets Windows

July 16, 2015

In this weeks episode GabrielMarcRick, and Nigel are joined by former VMware Uber-Evangelista John Troyer!  In the intros they talk to John about what he's currently doing on the work front, including his upcoming event The Reckoning 2015...

Tech News

@07:26  Google finally adds Windows to the list of supported operating systems running on Google Cloud Platform!
@24:00  Rackspace gets into bed with Microsoft as it moves more and more into the managed cloud space

Biz News

Rumours abound that some Chinese company wants to make a cheeky bid US-based Micron
@39:50  XIO goes on an executive hiring spree
@30:00  Scale Computing nets $18M in its 7th round of funding, taking its total funding over $60M
Delphix (data archiving and analytics as a service) lands $75M in its 4th round of funding taking its total funding to $120M
And if you wanna see the Microsoft videos making fun of Google... check these out
043: Where’s my OpenStack DVD

043: Where’s my OpenStack DVD

July 9, 2015

On this weeks show Gabriel and Nigel are joined by Tyler Britten from Blue Box (an IBM company).

Topics on this weeks show include:

Tech News

  • United Airlines and the NYSE both suffer major downtime
  • Microsoft are rumoured to be increasing Azure prices
  • Cisco make investments in French whitebox switch startup 6wind 

Biz News

  • EMC to sell enterprise Dropbox alternative Syncplicity
  • X-IO announce yet another CEO
  • Facebook announces another wind powered data center

Guest Interview

  • The guys interview Tyler Britten about his time at EMC and his recent move to Blue Box. Lots of talking about OpenStack...
042: We all love sci-fi

042: We all love sci-fi

July 2, 2015

This week the team are joined by Chris Wahl, co-host of the Datanauts podcast and on his way to Rubrik

The show has a distinctly sci-fi feel to it with all things from telepathy to teleportation on the agenda...  


  • @00:00 Intros and beer stories 
  • @12:40 Good sci-fi books 

Guest Interview - Chris Wahl

  • @18:24 Chris talks about his new podcast Datanauts, and why he's making the jump to Rubrik. 
  • @29:00 We're all planning on founding startups 

Tech News @40:16 

  • Gartners new Cloud Storage Magic Quadrant [Link] 
  • Radian Memory Systems planning to come out of stealth at Flash Memory Summit [Link] 

Biz News @54:51 

  • VMware agrees to pay ~$75M over allegations it ripped off the US government [Link]  

One more thing..... @58:41 

  • In the not so distant future we'll be updating our Facebook status via telepathy [Link]