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028: Data Lakes and Home Brew Hypervisors

028: Data Lakes and Home Brew Hypervisors

March 26, 2015
On this weeks podcast, Marc and Nigel are joined by Lauren Malhoit from the "Size Matters" podcast. 

Topics covered include:

Catch up from Previous week

How much will VMware be hurting following the cancellation of the RFP from the US Defence Information Security Agency that looked like it was gonna be 1.6BN over 5 years! [Link

This Week's Tech News

The EMC Federation announces the Federation Business Data Lake (FBDL). A SW+HW offering wrapped in services that's all about helping customers get value out of their "Big Data". Generally speaking we think this is yet more evidence of an exciting and evolving EMC. [Link]   

Would a Nutanix hypervisor be a game changer. It would certainly allow for higher margins as well as potentially differentiate Nutanix from the competition. [Link]  

Joyent seem to be differentiating with their announcmeent of Triton - native containers in the cloud. And all apparently thanks to the use of a custom (open source) OS called SmartOS.  [Link]  

Are Huawei hamstrung in US and western market due to the fact they are Chinese?

Bizz News

New backup and recovery startup Rubrick are promising to end the supposed 10 year drought of innovation in the backup space. [Link]  

Brian Pawlowski - Mr Flashray - quits NetApp for Pure Storage. Is NetApp in a mess.... and are Pure up to something that we don't know about! [Link]  
027: EMC DSSD, Qumulo & StorReduce

027: EMC DSSD, Qumulo & StorReduce

March 19, 2015

This week's Tech News

  • vSphere6 is now GA [link]
  • new VCE products with both ACI & NSX [link]
  • yet another AFA box, this time from Fujitsu [link]
  • EMC unveils DSSD plans - going full frontal on Oracle [link]
  • Microsoft killing of the IE brand i favour of project Spartan [link]
  • Qumulo - ScaleOut NAS + Analytics - out of stealth [link]
  • StorReduce - dedupe in the cloud - out of stealth [link]
  • Google Nearline Storage public cloud storage at the price of Amazon Glacier but shorter latency [link]

Bizz News

  • Nutanix advanced architecture Certification (Platform Expert NPX) [link]
  • EMC to do a "Big Data event on 23 March" next week [link]
  • Docker acquires Kitematic, just one week after their last acquisition [link]
026: Gigagone

026: Gigagone

March 12, 2015
On this weeks show GabrielHans and Nigel discuss all the interesting news from the previous week in the infrastructure tech world.

Topics include - 

The first 20 minutes are taken up with intros and discussing feedback from the recent survey we asked listeners to fill in.

If you wanna get straight to the tech..... skip ahead to the 20 minute mark!

@20:00  VMware being taken to court for allegedly trampling all over the GPLv2 license. Is protection of the GPL and other open-source licenses valuable?

@28:00  Intel fights back against the Raspberry Pi invasion of the data center by announcing the new Xeon D family for high density single-socket servers.

@35:00  HP continues its foray into white-box terrioty with its HP Cloudline of servers aimed at hyperscale customers.

@43:00  Big Switch Open Network Linux gets accepted by Open Compute Project as a reference NOS for white-box Ethernet switches.

@46:00  X-IO announces ISE 800 series of AFA's based on 3rd gen architecture. Boasting record-breaking $/SPC-1 IO and 100% performance at 100% capacity.

@52:00  Going, going, GigaGone. This week saw the closure of Gigaom due to an inability to pay creditors.

@54:00  After less than 2 years of production worthy product, SimpliVity raises further $175M in series D round of funding with a valuation of over $1BN.

@64:00  Docker acquires Socketplane (SDN for Docker containers) in what Nigel genuinely feel might be *the* acquisition of 2015.  For more information check out Episode 178 of the Cloudcast where Aaron and Brian interview John Willis from Socketplane -

And one last thing..... check out Gabriels hair from when he was a teenager!

025: Live Long and Prosper

025: Live Long and Prosper

March 5, 2015


Hans, Marc, and Nigel host this weeks show. 

We start the show off paying respects to Leonard Nimoy, an absolute legend and friend to science and technology.  We share some stories about Spock and Star Trek and how they influenced some of our lives.
Hans is struggling with an ailing MacBook, Marc is brewing more beer, and Nigel is getting carried away with a new breed of Linux servers like RancherOS from the guys at Rancher Labs.

We make a call out to the Top vBlog 2015 survey.  Apparently we're listed among the podcasts and would love your vote. Hell.... it's hard work making these podcasts and we sweat blood and tears for you guys the listeners ;-)

We're also running a mini-survey to find out what you might want to hear more of on the show etc.....

Following on from last week....

We pick up the "making money from open source" discussion again, referencing a recent Linux Insider article where Marten Mikos states that "open source" itself is not a business model. And we pick up on the statement that while at MySQL, they had ~15 million users but only ~15 thousand paying customers!

Tech News

In tech news of the week, we try and decipher what SanDisk is up to with its InfiniFlash and InteliFlash products. Are they getting into the the AFA business, or just building backend components such as JBODs?

Business News

HP continue to throw cash at their networking portfolio with their intent to acquire Aruba Networks for ~$3BN. How will this affect OEMs like Dell, Brocade and Juniper. And why oh why can't HP save themselves a few billion dollars in M&A spend by investing in their staff and existing products..... why the need for R&D through M&A?


In this weeks end-of-show  sketch Captain Dogger recounts a mission to put containers in the cloud. You'll need to have your OpenStack head on to keep up with all the OpenStack tech references (we count 10 references to OpenStack technology, plus some Chef and Puppet action too).