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020: Recorded, LIVE with 8 guests

020: Recorded, LIVE with 8 guests

January 29, 2015
This week we have no less than 8 people on the show as we promised to record from Cisco Live in Milan. Lot's of (different) content and a great group of guests.

left to right: Tom Hollingsworth, J. Metz, Matt Oswalt, Hans De Leenheer, Blake Krone, Andrea Mauro, Stephen Foskett, Samuel Clements.

Non-stories gone wild
Cisco Live & TechFieldDay
Everyone one the show, except for J. Metz was at Cisco Live as a TechFieldDay delegate and the sessions will come online soon on the event’s portal. One of the sessions we like most was the Meraki people. According to us, a startup within the behemoth. (wth Matt Oswalt, Samuel Clements & Tom Hollingsworth). 
Sidenote 1: mind that ‘murican Samuel is using the word premises properly! :-)
Sidenote 2: Samuel and Blake run their own WiFi podcast TheNSAshow

Adoption of VMware new market products (VSAN & NSX)
Apparently, at least according to the Q4 earnings call which should be the truth and nothing but the truth, VMware is not doing too shabby with both VSAN (1000 customers) and the SDN play NSX (400 customers). (wth Andrea Mauro & Matt ).

Merger, Acquisitions and Investment rounds
  • We get some more insights into Pluribus Networks of which we reported a $50 million D-round in last-weeks episode (wth Stephen Foskett, Tom and Matt).
  • Stephen helps us understand what happened with NexGen of which we reported in episode 18 a spin-off out of SanDisk (after being acquired through FusionIO). A good conversation we have here is about is there actually such a thing as a “hybrid array market” or an “all flash array market”? 
  • Which was a perfect segway into Kaminario raising another $15mln round after there $53mln E-round of last december (episode 12). (wth J. Metz)
  • We all chime in for our final topic, being Symantec spinnout out the complete Data Protection portfolio back into Veritas Technologies. Is it not too late to try and get the Symantec backup products back on track? And is it even about technology or more about splitting up the branding towards selling the pieces?
AND - we do have a gift from the home-team as there is a new Secret Windows Phone App to close the show.
019: planning trade shows and product announcements

019: planning trade shows and product announcements

January 22, 2015

In the dull days of January all vendors are preparing their campaigns for the rest of the year. Whether it be just marketing campaigns with jumping trucks or real product announcements. 

Marc, Hans, Nigel and Gabriel share their experiences and insights in how product announcements are planned and which times a year would never work. They also talk about the bigger trade shows like VMworld or Cisco Live.
(note: Hans mentioned Cisco Live doing not only US, EMEA and APAC but also South-America. That apparently is Mexico so close but no cigar)

A second big topic was a new IDC research paper (link: The Register) which you can buy for $15,000 (note: moehahaha) in the HyperConverged market space.  As we all have come across quite a few analyst papers we take our shot at what their value is, to us at least.

In merger, acquisition and investment land there are a couple of interesting rounds this week:
I you want to know more about Pluribus, Hans did mention their participation last year at Networking Field Day (NFD7 & NFD8). Well worth your time if you are interested. By the way, VMturbo also joined at a couple of editions at Virtualization Field Days.

018: The mainframe is back, with a vengeance

018: The mainframe is back, with a vengeance

January 15, 2015

In our introduction this week, Marc comments on comments that could exclude himself from commenting on what he’s actually working on at Quaddra Software

We dig a little further on the Object Storage Market research paper rom IDC that we touched on last week. Where TheRegister found that EMC’s presence was shrinking, this apparently is caused by the fact that IDC only allows one product per research category and EMC chose to switch the focus from Atmos to ECS. Follow up article 1 and article 2.

Speaking of EMC, apparently Eliott Management, the aggressive investment company that wants to split up the Federation, has now kissed and made up with Joe Tucci (for a while).

The mainframe is back! IBM has build a new beast (Z13) that either looks as a black Tardis or a portal to the dark ages. We get a heavy discussion with loads of different (opposite) opinions here. Is this going to be the ultimate HyperConverged Mainframe? Definitely something to follow!


Following up in mergers & acquisitions we see two new rounds of fundings coming into the NoSQL companies Basho & MongoDB. Why are these types of databases so popular and are they eating at Oracle’s market share?

This week at Citrix Summit the company announced the acquisition of distributed storage player Sanbolic. It’s fair to say that no-one really saw that coming and that all hosts this week had second thoughts if Citrix even understands storage enough to pull this off.

A final news item in this area is NexGen storage being spun-off from SanDisk, that in itself got it through the FusionIO acquisition. Although these are not people that are new to the market (founded Lefhand before) or a new product (same product since 2008), Marc and Gabriel don’t see a fortunate future in this overly saturated market.

Special feature this week is another Captain Dogger episode

017: HyperConverged ServerSANs are stored in Objects

017: HyperConverged ServerSANs are stored in Objects

January 8, 2015

This is our first general news show after the holidays. Speaking of which, in the first couple of minutes, Hans questions the other hosts of this week - Rick, Marc & Gabriel - about their activities during the holidays and their favourite gifts.

Following up on last week's 5 trends review show we want to point out that we may have misstated that EVO:RAIL is not shipping. Both Hans and Rick have some factual comments to make. We do go on talking about the challenges for EVO:RAIL following a discussion Matthew Brender (@mjbrender) started in our LinkedIN discussion group.

Gabriel also wrote his own thoughts on our HyperConvergence conversation last week. A good point that was brought up by Stu Miniman (@stu) is why did Gabriel not include the ServerSAN software plays like Maxta. We elaborate on that as a second topic.

As a final topic of HyperConvergence we learned this week that VMware will officially support ScaleIO as a kernel-based storage plugin through the PVSP Program. Are some vendors more equal than others?

This week an article on the Register about the market evolutions in Object Storage leads us into some basic conversation topics of why Object Storage is the odd-one-out for infrastructure people. This topic is probably worth a couple of deep-dives later this year.

Finally we close the show with everyones favourite Consumer Tech toys and at the very end we have another Captain Dogger story by Nigel Poulton.

016: 5 trends in 2014

016: 5 trends in 2014

January 1, 2015

Hey Now! Following a crazy full house show for our Christmas Quiz we bring you yet again 5 golden hosts for this 2014 recap edition. We look back at the bigger trends of last year in a full hour show.

TREND 1: decoupling software from hardware
IBM spins off MicroElectronics to GlobalFoundries and pays $1,5 billion for that move. Shortly after they spin off their server business to Lenovo for $2,3billion. Is there a bigger trend going on here? How can Cisco, HP or DELL remain relevant in a world where SuperMicro, Lenovo, Quanta, ... eat up all the margin that is left?

TREND 2: the adoption of FLASH
In 2014 we can safely say that all storage vendors are offering an all-flash solution, whether it is through acquisition, an evolution of a startup product or bolted on a 20yr old filesystem. The result is that we finally are able to decouple the cost of performance from the cost of capacity.

TREND 3: 2014 was the year of the Hyperconverged solution
We see VMware EVO:RAIL here as a big topic of discussion. It's a validation of a market shift but we do have some second thoughts on the specifics of the VMware solution; it's not shipping yet, it's built on a gen1 storage product and from what we have heard, it's going to be quite pricy. Can Nutanix, SimpliVity and ScaleComputing monetize their head-start? Do new players even stand a chance?

TREND 4: will the real new Microsoft please stand up
Microsoft is changing. Aidan Finn (@Joe_Elway), a well respected Microsoft blogger, gave us some stuff to think about. According to him a couple of changes that emerged this year were Cloud First, Windows not first and the comeback of feedback

TREND 5: Open Source takes over the Datacenter
We have talked about OpenStack and containers a couple of times on this podcast and we can only expect this to come back even more next year! These are early stage technologies but with a lot of potential to change the way we think about the enterprise datacenter. (OpenStack analytics link: