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011: Archiving Fiber Channel connections to a Titsup Cloud

011: Archiving Fiber Channel connections to a Titsup Cloud

November 27, 2014

This week Hans is joined by Marc and Gabriel. We almost had the Rickatron back but he got pulled away at the very last moment. In the mean time Nigel is in the Middle-East, negotiating his billion dollar investments in containerships.

After an entertaining introduction about brewing Hoppy Beers (not that horrible IPA stuff!) we had a general conversation on Archiving. Gartner released their Enterprise Information Archiving magic quadrant where according to Marc no member should be in the leaders-quadrant.
Further discussed in this show:
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage going titsup ... again (link).
  • Primary Data comes out of stealth. And the biggest news is The Woz joining the team.
  • NimbleStorage is pulling Fiber Channel to WallStreet.
  • Mellanox adding 100,000 GB Infiniband to connect active/active arrays across the ocean.
If you would like to know what the real uptimes of public clouds are, we found this website where you can pull and compare all that data.
010: Is Docker About to Rock the Virtualization World

010: Is Docker About to Rock the Virtualization World

November 20, 2014
In this weeks rockin episode the guys start out talking about Docker. Nigel has clearly been drinking deeply from the Docker kool-aid, but GabrielHans and Marc keep him real -  
  • When Will Docker take over VMware and rule the virtualization world?
  • How can Microsoft deliver on the promise of Docker support in the next version of Windows Server?
  • Will dSAN (Docker SAN) take over from VMware vSAN?  <-- Joke!
NOTE: You can hear Randy Bias state that he sees more Docker in production than OpenStack at around 23:55 on episode 1 of the The OpenStack Podcast. See it's true!


Also on the show, the crew discuss - 
  • Did Joe Tucci have a "foot in mouth" moment when mentioning internal competition within the EMC Federation?
  • Can Joe EVER retire with Elliott Management holding substantial VMware stock?
  • Is VMware vSAN fit for production?
  • In light of recent vSAN issues, what is the value of an HCL?
  • Has interest in the private cloud peaked and now on the way down in the face of all the innovation and maturity of public cloud offerings?
  • Will there always be some data and some systems that we'll never trust to the public cloud?
The guys also discuss Robin Harris's recent post about EMC trying to insert itself as a public cloud intermediary.

Marc uncovers an absolute gem in another Secret Windows Phone App segment!
009: Startups vs Big Companies

009: Startups vs Big Companies

November 13, 2014
In this weeks episode, GabrielHans, and Nigel round-up what's been doing on in the enterprise tech world in the past week.

Topics of discussion include....
  • David Flynn (formerly of Fusion-io) steps aside as CEO of Primary Data to become CTO. Is this the sign of a true techie? And how much influence on a startup does a CTO have?
  • Who are Stratoscale, and in an increasingly competitive hyperconverged market, what's gonna be their differentiator?
  • Nexenta strikes a win for software defined data centers with their new business with leading global IT service provider Wipro
  • Did you know, at least according to a CloudPhysics study (and we can believe it) ....

26% of space vSphere environments is dead
20% of vSphere admins wish we were back in a physical world (we made that one up ;-)
16% of VMs are unused
25% of Windows VMs will be end of support next year
22% of vSphere 5.5 servers still vulnerable to SSL heartbleed
43% of companies risk downtime every week due to potential out of space conditions on disk
Closely related to these, check out HDL's recent blog post titled vSphere Storage Array Feedback Requested
  • And what's the deal with EMC vs Pure. How can EMC be winning 95% of the time against Pure, but Pure be winning the vast majority of the time against EMC...?
  • Nigel wraps the show up with Geeks Review of Christopher Nolan's recent blockbuster Interstellar 
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008: Here be Open Clouds

008: Here be Open Clouds

November 8, 2014

This week we had to trust on one single host. Hans took the honours of being the last one standing but brought us two great guests – Melissa Palmer & Caroline McCrory -  to discuss Openstack and more specifically the current status knowing that it was OpenStack Summit in Paris this week.


  • Good to see the momentum though no(t enough) European companies
  • If I’m not into OpenStack today, am I late to the party?
  • Consolidation in the Openstack space?
  • I don’t want 800 versions of NOVA for compute.
  • How will a customer find the tree in the forest?
  • Which Enterprises can afford to do major upgrades every 6 months?
  • Should customers be the first to enter new features from the business rather than the technology?
  • How can I contribute? I’m just an author/blogger.

Merger and Acquisitions:

1) Samsung is acquiring ProximalData. Most SSD manufacturers now own a server side performance enhancement technology. Does it makes sense for a flash manufacturer to wanting to sell the caching software?

2) Riverbed is forking out their SteelStore product line (fka WhiteWater) to NetApp who officially want to bring it to market by Q3-2015.



Caroline McCrory – twitter - GigaOm

Melissa Palmer – twitterblogVirtual Design Master Challenge - 

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