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007: Not So Pure Storage

007: Not So Pure Storage

October 30, 2014
This week Hans and Nigel are on the road in Europe visiting the Powering The Cloud conference in Frankfurt Germany. While there, they stumbled across a couple of shady characters that some listeners might already know...
...and decided to get together and record a show. Now then...... think of this weeks show as In Tech We Trust Unplugged - the audio isn't the best. But the content is great.

Topics discussed on this weeks show (in order)
  • Wigs (don't ask, just check out the link to the pictures)
  • Data Direct Networks (DDN)
  • GPFS vs  Ceph vs OneFS...
  • In a software world.... should EMC decouple OneFS from Isilon
  • VMAX vs VNX
  • Trouble ahead for Dothill?
  • Marketing vs Engineering - bad products that kicked but with good products
  • Pure Storage and rumours of them branching out into the Converged space
  • VCE Vblocks without Cisco UCS
And instead of a Secret Windows Phone App review, we round off the show with a Geeks Film Review.....
006: Cisco Divorces EMC

006: Cisco Divorces EMC

October 23, 2014
What an episode we've got this week! We're not sure its possible to cram more enterprise tech into an hour of podcasting!?

In this weeks episode MarcHans, and Nigel talk about all of the following - 

  • IBM goes absolutely fab-u-less by selling off its Power fabrication business. Can we even call it a sale when IBM has to grease the buyers palm to the tune of $1.5BN!
  • The EMC Federation goes from strength to strength, while Cisco quietly walks out of the VCE Family home
  • What's the value of Cisco UCS vs white-box servers
  • VCE Vblock vs Nutanix SimpliVity Maxta....
  • Do the big players need to think about buying SimpliVity or Nutanix
  • Does EMC have a play in the hyperconverged market - could they take EVO:RAIL and package it up?
  • Is lock-in ever worth it?
  • Microsoft partners with Dell to launch Azure private-cloud-in-a-box (Cloud Platform System)
  • What's going on with StorSimple since the MS acquisition
  • Are HP starving LeftHand (StoreVirtual)
  • Hans can't believe that XtremoIO is doing $500M

Plus another hilarious Secret Windows Phone App!
005: VSANs vs VSAs

005: VSANs vs VSAs

October 17, 2014
For this weeks episode, Rick Hans and Nigel find themselves in sunny Barcelona for VMworld Europe.  Three of the team in one place was just too much of an opportunity to miss, so they teamed up to record this weeks show! For part of the show the guys are joined by Andrea Mauro, an independent consultant in Italy.

And as it's VMwolrd Europe it'd be rude not to mention VMware.  So considering VSAN and EVO:RAIL are hot topics - plus the fact that HP just announced new hyper-converged platforms - one based on EVO:RAIL and another based on their own StoreVirtual VSA - we decided to hash out the pros and cons of the VSAN vs VSAs. In other words, kernel based SDS (VSAN) vs Virtual Storage Appliances (VSA).

Also discussed on the podcast are - 
  • Windows and Docker
  • EMC acquiring Cloudscaling Group
  • The value of shows like VMwolrd, VeeamON etc
Thanks to Tech Field Day for providing the venue to record the podcast! 
004: HP Cleavage and an Ebola Pandemic

004: HP Cleavage and an Ebola Pandemic

October 9, 2014
Run for your lives! Ebola is coming!
In this weeks show, GabrielMarc, and Nigel start out discussing whether or not HP's cleavage is a good thing (the splitting off of the PC & Printer arm of the business from the Enterprise Services arm), and finish off discussing the current Ebola situation and the potential for global pandemics. That's what we call a wide range of topics!

Be sure to join us next week if you're attending VMworld in Barcelona....... so long as there isn't a global curfew due to Ebola!
003: Windows 10 and Pay As You Go Toilets

003: Windows 10 and Pay As You Go Toilets

October 3, 2014
After losing the recording for the original show number 3  NigelRickGabriel, and Marc drag themselves back together for a second attempt at successfully recording a show.

In this weeks show Windows 10 gets the limelight, with the guys discussing everything from the name, through the kernel, and all the way up to *universal apps*.

Also in this weeks show - 
  • Activist Investors - what's the deal?
  • Larry Ellison's island - you can't buy that shifting open source software!
  • Taking a dump on stage - and having to pay to do it!
  • Pure Storage
  • Oracle's Frankenstorage FS1-2 yesteryear storage platform
And of course.... another Secret Windows Phone App review!

On the show Nigel mentioned that he'd had a discussion on Twitter about the potential for Pure Storage to "do a Leeds Utd". One of those conversations was with Nick Dyer (at Nimble Storage) waaaay back in April 2014. We can't dig up the Twitter conversation, but here's a link to Nigels blog post where he talks about it

No Hans this week, as he's recovering from Oktoberfest!